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Aasha Warriar & Richa Chudasama


Aasha Warriar (C.R.T.)
An excellent communicator, Aasha desires to bring about changes in the way people think about holistic healing. Academically, she holds a post-graduate degree in Physiology & Genetics. Aasha is an international trainer and certified regression therapist. She is one of the five trainers worldwide for Transpersonal Regression Therapy with TASSO, Netherlands.
She is a blend of skill & compassion towards people & in helping them deal with their issues. She brings years of experience in various modalities like Clinical Hypnotherapy, Systemic Constellation, Past Life Therapy, Age Regression and Inner Child Integration Therapy and conducts many training programs in these modalities. Some of her signature workshops include Dance on Trance, Enhance & so on.
Aasha has also authored a book – From Mediocrity to Madness, Life is a Party: A book on real life cases on regression therapy.
She presented Cellular Rhythms in Regression - a new paradigm to healing and integration at World Congress for Regression Therapy 5, Portugal-2014
And, The Shadow Sides of Gods and Goddesses of India at the Annual Convention of Earth Association of Regression Therapy, Greece-2016
She recently received an award at the 8th Newsmakers Achievers Awards 2017 by The Afternoon Voice and Newsmakers Broadcasting & Communications Pvt. Ltd.

Geeta Nirupam


An entrepreneur with a strong vision to provide platform to the talent from the complementary health care, Geeta Nirupam is the co - founder of Clover - Leaf Learning Academy. Academically, Geeta completed her graduation in Economics from DG Ruparel College in 1987. Geeta is a passionate photographer & is actively conducting workshops on photography at Clover - Leaf Learning Academy.

Her specialty is Inner Child Integration Therapy and Family Constellation. She co -teaches the Fundamentals of Regression Therapy Workshop with Aasha Warriar.

Ciffar Image is the publishing company owned by Geeta and focuses majorly on books related to complementary health care. A loving mother, with a backdrop of photo journalism has made her a very successful business woman & a balanced personality.

She is the Chair for Public Relations and Publicity for the 6 th World Congress for Regression Therapies being held in Goa in September 2017.

Riccha Chudasma


Riccha was a practicing fashion designer when she got introduced to the spiritual healing sciences, in early 2006. She went ahead to pursue hypnotherapy in late 2006 and thats how her journey as a spiritual healer and regression therapist began. 

She went ahead to study various healing modalities like, theta healing, aura reading, tarot card and angel card reading, angel therapy, pranic healing, color healing, auto writing, transpersonal regression therapy, bach flower remedial therapy, crystal healing, chakra healing and more. 

Finding her passion in this field, she gave up her  career as a fashion designing and become a full time healer. 

She has been teaching hypnotherapy and theta healing since 2009, and now teaches crystal healing as well. 

She also holds a store of crystals and a healing centre at Santacruz and Marine lines, Mumbai, India. She is also the vice president at Clover Leaf Learning Academy and is the First Certified Tasso Supervisor from Tasso International

Riccha has held many short courses for school children, helping them enhance their concentration, memory and provide them with emotional empowerment techniques. 

She also holds many stress release and self empowerment programs for the corporates and companies.

Urmi Dutt


 After a corporate career in various leading advertising agencies as a  Creative Director, Urmi reinvented herself and discovered a new passion - Healing. For over 14 years now she has gathered vast experience in the healing field as a Reiki Master, Theta Healer, Clinical Hypnotherapist and Transpersonal Regression Therapist. Urmi is also a Kriya Yogi and teaches meditation.

Urmi is one of the Trainers Of Transpersonal Regression Therapy with Clover Leaf Learning Academy and the Tasso Insituut.

Dr. Hemal Thakkar


Dr. Hemal Thakkar is a practicing Homoepath since February 2008.She completed her degree in Homoepathy from Chandaben Mohanbhai Patel Homoepathic Medical College.She was offered the post of a Honorary Physician at a Charitable Trust associated to the college O.P.D. where she practiced for 2 years along with her private practice.

She learnt Clinical Hypnotherapy in the year 2007 and continued to attain therapeutic skills by learning Rational Emotive Behavioral Therapy, Family Constellation, Inner Child Integration Therapy and Transpersonal Regression Therapy.

She has been teaching Hypnotherapy since 2010. She is the Vice-President of Clover Leaf Learning Academy. She has her own private practice at Peddar Road, Mumbai where she combines her skills of Homoepathy and Psycho- Therapeutic Tools.