Clover-Leaf Learning Academy




TASSO: When I first joined this programme, I honestly couldn't figure out what I had opened up suddenly. It felt like an array of simultaneous events and as if I had opened a box inside me. I didn't know what to do with it. In fact, there were moments I freaked out! I had initially joined the programme with clear perspectives of accentuating my psychotherapeutic skills, but here I was in TASSO trying to figure out my own personal problems with money and love and that too with absolute hopelessness that they will ever improve. But as and when I went through unravelling my past lives and did my personal work through different modules, I kept feeling that there were so many internal shifts happening inside and within me. Aasha Warriar is an ace Regression Expert. I honestly would like to believe that India doesn't have a therapist like her. She is not just sharp but without an iota of doubt one of the most exact and finest minds I have come across in this field. It was an immensely fulfilling experience for me. Today, as I head towards the end of my curriculum in TASSO, I finally see that my life has reached its other polarity. I have not only solved all my issues, but have a throbbing practice in the heart of Delhi and I attribute it completely to TASSO, to Aasha Warriar and to Clover Leaf Learning Academy!


Inner Child Integration Therapy Programme: Trisha Caetano is the most compassionate therapist I have met so far. The fact that this entire modality is not structured like TASSO's and has its own pace of flowing, makes it the mother of most therapies. I would like to re-iterate my teacher Aasha Warriar's words, that if TASSO is the father of therapies then Inner Child Integration is the mother. Infact, just like a mother, without Inner Child work, no therapy is ever complete. Whatever one may come across while therapeutizing a client, one has to complete the inner child work. And this programme gives you a complete detailed range of tools to work with the child. What I love about this programme is the flowing nature of it and the absolution of a rigid structure. Structures sometime can really be limiting when it comes to therapy and no one brings it up as subtly yet powerfully as Trisha. Through her, I have learned how to sit quietly with your client in the midst of the hardest of adversities, how to be composed when everything feels like chaos and how to work with intuition and not be befuddled by the inability or the choice to follow a certain set of structures when it comes to therapy. I urge all Cognitive Therapists, Doctors and Regression Therapists to join this course and enrich their skills and life.

Dr. Gaurav Deka

Clinical Psychotherapist|Transpersonal Regression Therapist