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Course Title : Diploma in Transpersonal Regression Therapy (Tasso)

Trainer : Aasha Warriar & Richa Chudasama

About Trainer :

Aasha Warriar (C.R.T.)
An excellent communicator, Aasha desires to bring about changes in the way people think about holistic healing. Academically, she holds a post-graduate degree in Physiology & Genetics. Aasha is an international trainer and certified regression therapist. She is one of the five trainers worldwide for Transpersonal Regression Therapy with TASSO, Netherlands.
She is a blend of skill & compassion towards people & in helping them deal with their issues. She brings years of experience in various modalities like Clinical Hypnotherapy, Systemic Constellation, Past Life Therapy, Age Regression and Inner Child Integration Therapy and conducts many training programs in these modalities. Some of her signature workshops include Dance on Trance, Enhance & so on.
Aasha has also authored a book – From Mediocrity to Madness, Life is a Party: A book on real life cases on regression therapy.
She presented Cellular Rhythms in Regression - a new paradigm to healing and integration at World Congress for Regression Therapy 5, Portugal-2014
And, The Shadow Sides of Gods and Goddesses of India at the Annual Convention of Earth Association of Regression Therapy, Greece-2016
She recently received an award at the 8th Newsmakers Achievers Awards 2017 by The Afternoon Voice and Newsmakers Broadcasting & Communications Pvt. Ltd.

Course Description :

TRT is a 6 module curriculum and helps students aspiring to be Regression Therapists get maximum practice during the One-year program. 
The modules are designed as under and skill-set enhancement is guaranteed.

Module 1:  

• Basic Skills of TRT

• Structure of therapy

• Personification and Aura-Exploration as induction techniques

• Reliving, Regression and Catharsis as therapeutic tools

• Group sessions

Module 2: 

• Accident Trauma Release

• Childhood Trauma and Inner Child work,

• Natal and Pre-Natal Trauma experiences

• Group sessions

Supervised practical exams

 Module 3:

• Reincarnation patterns

• Life Plan and Life Choices,

• Parental and Ancestral Attachments

• Freeing people from negative influences of difficult or strange attachments

• Group sessions

• Supervised practical exams

 Module 4: 

Traumatic and Hangover Lifetimes

• Painful and Limited Lifetimes

• Confused, Unnoticed, Overwhelming Deaths;

• Positive Lifetimes and Shy Lifetimes

• Dealing cathartically with pseudo-obsessors

• Group sessions

• Supervised practical exams

 Module 5: 

• Karma and Karmic Lifetimes

• Karmic reactions, patterns and dilemmas

• Pre-human Lifetimes

• Higher Self Interventions

• Lacing sessions

• Group sessions

• Supervised practical exams

 Module 6: 

• Great Integrations

• Core Issue Exploration and Transformation

• Homing Sessions.

• Group sessions

• Supervised practical exams

All modules are followed by mandatory supervised practice and internal assessments.

Submissions: You will be required to submit all homework sessions, written examinations and one video recording of a case. (Everything will be explained in detail during the first module) 
You will get your diploma once Dr. Hans TenDam or Marion Boon approve your grades at the end of all 6 Modules.

Diploma: Signed by Hans TenDam (TASSO International) and gives you entrance into  EARTh (European Association for Regression Therapy), IPART (International  Professional Association of Regression Therapists) and shortens the application  process for IBRT (International Board of Regression Therapy).



Affilated with : Tasso International, Netherlands ,EARTh( European Association for Regression Therapy )

Duration : 12 Month

Certification : True

Fees (Rs.): 0