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Course Title : Inner Child Integration Therapy

Trainer : Trisha Caetano

About Trainer :

Trisha is internationally known as a pioneer in Inner Child Integration and Regression Therapy and has done trainings for medical and psychotherapeutic professionals in numerous countries. She was twice elected President of The Association for Regression Research and Therapies Inc., a world wide organization of professionals from 23 different countries with nearly 1,000 members. The organization was focused on using past life regression as a therapeutic tool in healing. Prior to her presidency, she was the director of their training team to certify therapists in regression therapy and was on the three member training team for the first medical training done by Brian Weiss in the United States.

Course Description :

We now know that denying, discounting, forgetting or coping with painful experiences does not resolve trauma or the resulting reactive responses. The mind has programmed the somatics, feelings, emotions and conclusions from these experiences. The body is prepared to respond immediately and unconsciously to stimulus that is similar to the trauma. 

What starts as a subconscious survival program, too often results in illogical, immature or destructive behavior in adult life. We lose conscious choice because we no longer know what we really feel or want. Whole parts of who we are become locked into the trauma of the past. 

Regressing to the traumatic experiences reactivates the repressed emotions and trapped energy frozen in the trauma. A skilled therapist must know how to locate the trauma and help release this energy from the body, express and heal the emotional response and reframe the mental conclusions. 

The focus of the method is contacting, releasing, healing, integrating, Being. 

We are multidimensional, conscious beings with many levels of awareness, ego states, patterns and life events active at any given moment in time. We also have an innate drive or instinct towards wholeness, integration and balance. When the physical, spiritual and emotional levels are not in harmony because of trauma, abuse and dysfunction, states of imbalance and disease are created. 

Integration work allows the therapist to move a client to explore deeper parts of the psyche. The process allows the client to understand their inner myths and the emotional and attitudinal patterns that unconsciously influence their physical, mental and emotional behavior. Because these life scripts or beliefs, problems and patterns are repeated on many developmental levels, we approach resolution in many ways. It can be necessary to work at various age levels, the present, the past or prenatal levels. The mental, emotional and physical levels often need to be explored to relieve symptoms. Therefore, various therapeutic models need to be used. 


Inner Child therapy is concerned not only with the alleviation of symptoms, but focuses on the attitudes, patterns and coping mechanisms that create the behavior and mind sets that cause the symptoms. The mental, emotional, physical and spiritual levels often need to be examined to understand and release the cause of behaviors, beliefs or symptoms.

Significantly, learning how to work ‘beyond therapy’ on multidimensional levels of the conscious and unconscious allows us to become all we can be, reach the fullness of who we truly are as a soul.  It allows us to live life fully, using conscious choice and expanded awareness.

A primary focus of integration work is to help the individual live a more integrated and balanced life style, to live in the present and to participate in the creative process that gives meaning to each moment of awareness. 

The Training Program

The Inner Child Integration training program is for members of the healing professions. It is an in-depth, experiential training program. It includes lectures illustrated with case study material giving insights into the process of both the therapist and client. As a student you learn practical therapeutic methods, experience group processes, practice with other students, roleplaying, voice dialogue, study groups and demonstrations. This method of training allows you to feel, do, see and understand how Inner Child Integration work becomes a powerful tool for accelerating the healing process for yourself and your clients. 

You will be trained to help another person go deeply into their own experience, using respect, safety and compassion for the person. You will learn to sense the energy of the client and move into the flow of their process to assist them with their healing. It is the other person's session and the power of their healing is within them. A responsibility of a therapist is to help them see and become who they truly are. 

A basic theme is to do your own work so you can stay in your center, connect with the client, and at the same time allow the client their own, total experience. Healing and protecting your own inner vulnerability, you can protect the vulnerable inner child parts of the other person during the process. The greater variety of skills you learn, the more you are able to help yourself and then your clients integrate into wholeness. 

This is a two year training program. The first year focuses on learning the Inner Child techniques, experiential processes, information and practice for your own healing as you acquire basic tools. The second year focuses on developing your skills and healing ability with advanced Inner Child techniques and integrating other therapeutic paradigms to create a multidimensional flow in the therapeutic process.

Affilated with : EARTh( European Association for Regression Therapy ) & International Institute for Integration Therapy and Training

Duration : 18- 24 Month

Certification : True

Fees (Rs.): 0